You need this….

It pushes past harsh words and fear.
It points you into destiny.

It is a silent gift waiting to be used,…
It is called CONFIDENCE.   #You Matter.

Evening Read

“Wherever we end up….”are lyrics to one of my favorite songs.  It abolishes the field of …I might or maybe. It means that we have decided and we are on our journey…wherever we end up.  

Home. Work out meet up. Restaurant or movie. Jungle or island or fab place ….we are here together…talking and listening and hoping……Wherever we end up.

It is precise in wording and strong on the senses. It can be romantic or war but it will be …..wherever we end up.

My spinning world is relentless and it brings nausea and this and that…the Tumor that sits inside my skull is there….as my walker waits to assist my gait. 

Often, I scream out,    What I thought would be my protection and protector….but….

Life had other plans. 

It brought to me courage, hope, faith and a God who has watched over me…..and who has promised to be the wind in my sails …wherever we end up. 



You MatterπŸŽ‰. Wherever we end up….

Lyrics from Voyage (Amanda Cook)

Fight Back!!!!Β 

Day 684–It has been a minute. Sit back get a β˜•οΈ 🍹 🍿 🍧and take a moment………to think about your life and plan where you are going. πŸ›£
Because we always must have a target in mind.  


Each day during this recovery…I write. But I listen too. Oh my God do I read. 

Painting and singing….leave me in tears or feeling lost. But still, 🎯.

Reading for me is a process. πŸ—

1. Hit the home button on my iPad 3 times.

2. In magnify mode it will capture the page but not take a picture.

3. Read…then repeat process. Slllooooww but necessary. Often I think of the children’s story, “Tortoise and the Hare”. 🐒
Listen, you got a dream? 🎯 Dreams take work 24/7/365. So what? You don’t have …plan to win…work your plan…gofundme…make and sell…gain knowledge each chance you get….go to the library if you don’t have the Internet and even if you do….who, who am I writing to today? If you read this far it must be you🌝. 

This πŸ₯€ is not you…No,no NO!

This is 🌹! Yes,yes, YES!

You Matter!

Beautiful things

My list of Beautiful things:

1. The Beach

2. Love 4&9 …..and counting 

3. Color

4. Peace

5. Creation 


Happy Friday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

No phone….just you and your ears.

Day 681-Often, all that is needed is a listening ear.

 A perfect eagaging of eyes &body w/out a phone glance.  U MatterπŸŽ‰